Zone Boundaries

Zone Boundary Changes & Grandfathering Clause for Indoor 2020-21
Download includes letter and maps outlining changes

Zone Boundary Process

Back in 2012, the members of SYSI approved bylaw changes allowing for an annual review of zone boundaries by a committee comprised of SYSI Board and zone members called the Zone Composition Advisory Committee; and for the SYSI Board to have final decision authority on any changes. These bylaw changes created the ability for the SYSI Board to have more flexibility in response to shifts in population. This year’s particular review made note of a population and soccer registration disparity in the Eastside Youth Soccer Association zone with the largest and fastest growing community being Stonebridge creating a large imbalance of equitable zones. The committee provided recommendations for re-assignments of neighborhoods to address the imbalance to the SYSI Board. On January 29, 2020, the SYSI Board passed a motion to re-assign Riversdale, King George, and Holiday Park from Eastside zone to SUSC zone and to also re-assign Greystone Heights and Grosvenor Park from Eastside to Lakewood. The new adjusted zone boundaries are to take effect Indoor 2020-21 with player residency as of August 1, 2020. The SYSI Board also approved a grandfathering clause.Click here for How to Register & Zone Contacts.

Youth U19 players are not bound to zone boundaries ~ these players can register with a zone of their choosing.

Community Associations Within SUSC Zone 1