What is a Technical?

Technical soccer drills and exercises are designed to promote a players technique and skills.

Players will gradually learn the co-ordination and basic motor patterns they need to solve specific soccer game related problems.

The decision making process is very complex and players are reacting not only to the other teams movements, but also to their own team-mates. Choosing the most effective solutions to these problems requires a high degree of ball mastery and wide range of motor skills in higher level soccer. These technical soccer skills are learned through a variety of progressive technical soccer drills.

Technical drills should be first performed unopposed to allow the players comfort in making errors and learning.

When teams are scheduled to have a technical training session with an SUSC technical coach, the goal is that these technical sessions are intended to increase the player’s technical skills in an adaptive and flexible environment in combination with allowing the teams head coach to have technical training and advice regarding the team.

Huw Morris

Technical Director
Saskatoon United Soccer Club