Want to be a SUSC Coach?

SUSC welcomes all new and experienced coaches to apply. The kids learn and grow in the game, and coaches are always welcome, new or old, to the zone!

We provide to coaches:

  • Orientation for new volunteers to Saskatoon Youth Soccer & SUSC
  • Funding for required courses and certifications
  • Technical training sessions and coach mentorship
  • Verified age-specific technical coaching materials for all levels

We require that coaches:

  • Obtain a clear criminal record check completed minimum every two (2) years
  • complete the online coaching clinic of the appropriate age group
  • complete the Respect In Sport online course minimum every five (5) years
  • complete the Making Ethical Decisions online course
  • Maintain the requirements set forth by CSA, SSA and SYSI

We ask that coaches:

  • contact all players upon receiving your roster to welcome them to your team
  • plan team practice sessions in alignment with the training you receive
  • coach teams at their scheduled games and comply with policies set forth by out Member Organization, Saskatoon Youth Soccer Inc (SYSI)
  • work with the families and support systems to optimize the player experience

We recommend that coaches:

  • request assistance from the Technical Director for coaching support
  • request assistance from the Executive Director for administrative support
  • enlist the parents and caregivers on the team for help with duties such as:
    • team management (scheduling & budgeting)
    • communication between parents
    • tournament planning
    • field marshals (U11 and up)
    • tournament volunteering

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Role of an SUSC coach and Technical Staff:

The fundamental rule is that we provide a safe, non threatening, enjoyable, learning and fun environment in which to play soccer in our club.

Remember we deal with many characteristics in our players be aware of the mental, physical and emotional aspects of the player. Let them have fun help to engage with their friends, make it a positive environment to play in.

Mistake based learning is what we should be comfortable with, let them know it's OK to make a mistake let's be there to help them correct the problem and learn from it, then we can watch them grow and flourish knowing that one day we helped to create that exciting player no matter what level they are at.

SUSC strives to be inclusive and accessible for all. As coaches we are role models, for these players and parents remember that what you do or act is a reflection of you, make it a positive one, one that all players and parents can look up to and make everyone feel good that they are entrusting their children in the hands of a safe and competent person.

Coach, Huw Morris
Technical Director
Saskatoon United Soccer Club