Inddor Team Placement Schedule

Evaluations and Team Placement 2022-2023 Indoor Season

DEVELOPMENT LEAGUE (Players born 2017-2014)

Players in the Development league are not evaluated or tiered. Teams are created in balanced groupings.

ALLIANCE LEAGUE (Players born 2013-2004)

Generally, the Alliance League is designed for players who have a reasonable grasp of fundamental soccer skills and for those who consider soccer their main sport. The expected level of commitment in this league is that these players prioritize their SUSC Alliance commitments over other outside soccer/sport activities.

Players who register in Alliance league must attend an evaluation to see if the Alliance league is the right place for them, technically and social developmentally. In extenuating circumstances, players who cannot attend evaluations must contact SUSC prior to the evaluation date (TBA, early Sept).

CITY LEAGUE (Players born 2013-2004)

The City League is designed for players for those who want to maintain a level of flexibility in their commitment to soccer or those who need time to develop, either technically, conceptually, or physically. It is also a suitable program for beginner players over the age of ten, where they can master the fundamentals before moving to a more demanding environment.

Players who register for City will be invited to an optional team placement event with no evaluation process (TBA, early Sept). Teams will be made based on the numbers of registrants.