Request to Play Up

Procedure for request of player(s) to play up an age division.

As per Technical Director, Huw Morris

**A written request must be submitted to the Technical Director and Technical Coordinator prior to tryouts.

  • All players shall try out in their required age level.
  • If a decision is made by the TD that there is not enough players in an age group to form a Premier team, premier players in that age group have a right to request the following:
    1. To play up an age division.
    2. To transfer out of zone, if we have no option for them.
    3. To remain on the decided level team.

Player Placement Process

Those so named players, if tiered high enough in their age level, at the Technical Directors discretion can be invited to the following:

  • To try out in the next age level, before rosters are secured.
  • To be asked to be seen at the higher team’s practice, if there is places available.
  • The Technical Director shall, in his or her wisdom look at the following five pillars of development:
    1. Technical ability
    2. Tactical ability
    3. Physical ability
    4. Psychological
    5. Social Components

Huw Morris

Technical Director
Saskatoon United Soccer Club