SUSC Registration Refund Policy

As of May 2020, written refund requests will be processed on the following basis:

  • Refund requests must be made in writing on the completed & signed request for refund form.
  • $25 administrative fee will be withheld for all registrations.
  • $50 will be withheld of my registration fees during and after the Late Registration Period.
  • $100 will be withheld of my registration fees after team placement events regardless of attendance of the events or the league in which the player has registered.
  • SUSC must pay for uniforms, equipment, field rentals and SYSI fees immediately after registration closes and prior to player placement and as such 50% of my registration fees are withheld after player placement announcements.
  • All other variations will be determined on an Ad Hoc basis at the next board meeting.
  • Download current Refund Form (Updated June 28, 2022)