Player and the Ball training

Benefits of the “Player and the Ball training”!

I have been asked what benefits are there to training the player and the ball, well after some thought this is what I feel the program can offer very much like my skills camp that we have each week.

But before I start I need to make all very aware of the importance of Social Distancing when running drills , we will be monitored so please if you are needing some direction please contact Morgan and I will get you some Technical Support from my staff remember no games just the player and the ball.

Benefits of such a program:
Firstly I think we can work on the dominant foot and how the ball is controlled,after watching our players in Saskatchewan now for over 40 years struggle With the ball at their feet in general it’s very evident, they fight the ball instead of it being almost part of the foot, having to make quicker decisions when having to create space for ones self when making that move in a tight space we can work on this , turning and twisting can help our player to be stronger in balance that can help when we have to go into the 1v1 confrontations,( I remember doing this with my dad as a young player in the garden, over and over again), those quick little movements between shoes and cans helped me in being able to deceive the opposition when dribbling.

There’s a very old saying that I did not make up but remember well, “Control the ball, your body and the game!”

Remember the less time a player takes to do something, the more time they will have to take advantage of it., in this type of training we can vari the size of the area , the speed of execution etc; to keep challenging the player.

As for the mental pluses, well for me it was helping my mood to be positive instead of moody because I was not out with my friends playing with a ball, now I loved games but thankfully I had a Father who understood the importance of training that I to embraced totally, when going to school I wasn’t as anxious or depressed it even I believed reduced stress unlike with some of my friends who did not participate , probably helped me with self confidence, even self esteem as well as mixing with other young people , I think that’s why I talk so much, and that was down to playing with a ball.

Fitness can be included with this type of training with the Player and the Ball , it helps to maintain a good health , we can design specific drills to work on specific needs based on the age of the athlete or stage of their development.

The Player-and the Ball can assist and help to teach a player on how to control emotions it’s just you and the ball, it teaches to focus as you cannot hide , you learn to cope with frustration ti. Order to complete a task successfully.

And finally we must not forget in these real tough times I believe it gives us all something to look forward to as the weeks slide by and all we are left with is our friend the ball.

At Saskatoon United Soccer Club , I will be using Coerver coaching it’s something I implement many years ago that helped us in our glory years it’s time to reinstate it in these trying times, ,”Mastery of the ball”! We called it we made it the first duty to give our players the skills required to be effective players, being comfortable on the ball instant control, change feet, move with the ball where you want, it will work well with the distancing we have to keep and no sharing a ball with others , we can make it work to the players advantage.

Without dragging this out any further parents asked me “WHY “and hopefully I have given you enough reasons to sign up with SUSC in these times of hardship to help better your child in a very cost effective manner and environment.

These are solely my views that may not be shared with all but I stand by them, being that I to was young once brought up in a soccer family being trained with my dad with a ball , the love and passion I developed proves that , as I am still in it learning and developing with some of the great minds in our country.

Yours in the players best interest, always.
Coach Huw

Huw Morris
Technical Director
Saskatoon United Soccer Club

“Believe it - Achieve it.”