Match Evaluations

Points I have observed with coaches in game situations, noting these are meant in a positive sense and magnifies the issues we have as not only a club but a culture, we need to embrace the game with passion and learning will follow. We must as individuals be prepared to spend time watching, reading and attending workshops in order to progress to the next level in that competitive stream, if not then the club recreational stream will be sufficient for must club coaches although the education and learning should still apply as per those requirements.

1. Coaches Behaviours

  • Body language of the coach
  • Tonal intonation (was the right tone used at the right time), this can be totally misinterpreted by the novice parent unaware of what is required form both our highest level player and the demands that I have requested from my technical staff coaches
  • Do our coaches see the tactical changes that are necessary, do we recognize the technical or tactical deficiencies
  • We must learn to sit down at the bench and only stand when giving specific instruction
  • What coaching method do our coaches use (authoritarian, question answer etc.)
  • Do we in that moment as dictated by the atmosphere within the game, try to keep coaching points limited and to the point, no more than is necessary and no more than two or three at halftime

2. Environment and Preparation

  • We need to develop coaches in their ability to make sense of the environment that they are placed in be that preparation or match situations.
  • The preparation is designed to take place with the CSA courses which I teach and certify
  • The match is when I have been with them observing specific instructions or them watching myself working from the bench

3. Frame of Reference

  • Coaches at times have a tough time absorbing all the stimuli appearing in front of them
  • When on the bench I attempt to give a few specific points and limiting their "frame of reference" as much as possible, hopefully this will help in raising the coaches level of success in this specific environment.

4. Technical

  • My demands are high on both players and coaches and will continue to be so for all players, coaches and staff as long as all parties are in it for the love of the game and all SUSC players.
  • We must have no self agendas just the one, work as a team be positive and not negative, show a positive desire to support what the technical director and technical staff propose in the framework of helping out players then I will support, defend and stand by my technical staff as I have always done since the start of this club.

Coaches Performance Plan

For coaching assessments (done by the technical director), coaches should prepare themselves in the following fields.

  • Preparation
  • Field presence
  • Technical instruction
  • Tactical instruction
  • Coaching methodology / teaching style

If a coach would like more information on any of the above, please contact the Technical Director directly.

Huw Morris

Technical Director
Saskatoon United Soccer Club