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Huw's Key Indicators While Coaching

Below are some of the points I look for when evaluating a coach using our CSA's, "Game Analytical Game" coaching method.

The first game phase would be our teaching phase, the second phase would be the analytical one which would be the Educational phase and the third phase would be the application phase where now we apply our teachings into practical sense.

  • Organisation and area size, making sure you have the area marked correctly
  • Time spent talking, is your voice inspiring, what coaching method do you use to control your session
  • Use the guided discovery principle
  • Engage with the players
  • Demand but be professional
  • Question and answer principle
  • Is there a purpose to the session
  • Watch how you are perceived (eg ball carrying), do you look like a coach
  • Be punctual
  • Did you coach or just RUN a practice
  • Did you coach both individual and team points
  • Watch the water breaks, how many how long
  • Get the players in pinnies straight away
  • The practice must FLOW from phase to phase
  • Practice must be realistic
  • Always run the practice in the direction of the field
  • Run the drill in the phase of the field that it occurs
  • What have you created to make the athletes come back
  • Be aware of the starting point
  • Did the athletes learn and retain
  • Were you in control and do the players know who the leader is
  • Knowing the where, when, why and how principles are so important in coaching players
  • Provide the athletes with guidance in order for them to achieve your vision
  • Visual cues can be helpful and damaging if your not selected carefully with thought the likewise can be reiterated to body language also
  • Ensure you have balls around the area if so required
  • The warm up must stimulate the brain muscle pathway
  • Specific learning must be done
  • If possible always use a ball in the warm up, maybe depending on the topic everyone has a ball
  • Warm up should be related to the topic / game
  • Warm up should increase the blood flow temperature
  • Get the players to always open up their hips, just a good solid base foundation especially on receiving
  • Ask them how they get the ball out of their feet (because reality is, it will happen)
  • The practice must be realistic to the players
  • Try not to look like the old style School Teacher and student scenario
  • Body preparation should be approximately 30 degrees
  • Must have movement in the drills
  • Try not to carry lots of paper around in your hands when coaching
  • Focus on Question and Answer moving away from the old Dictorial / Authoritative styles of coaching
  • Ask yourself is "Free passes realistic", when conducting a practice
  • Always coach key factors
  • Reaffirm, width and depth to our game, compactness, spread the field, along with the basic attacking and defending principles, understand how to coach 1V1
  • Do not HURRY as a coach, remember you should always be in control, it could send the wrong message, we always need to control the tempo
  • Conduct yourself in a professional manner, stay focused with athletes stay calm, do not use foul or abusive language or a threatening behaviour
  • Ask yourself how you can guide the players to success
  • Careful on what messages you relay to the players, they will find you out if the instruction is incorrect
  • Remember the coach creates the environment, make sure its the right learning environment and did they have fun
  • Are the stakeholders (the parents), content with what their children are experiencing
  • Are YOU enjoying it, are you in it for the right reasons, to help develop the player
  • Have a practice plan drawn up
  • The above are some of the points that I have accumulated over the years obviously there are many more, and each point can be expanded greatly and in depth, so I am passing on my experience so all one has to do is look up and expand your knowledge, it takes time and I will always be happy to help in the expansion of you growing in the game, but just as a player develops so should you also as the coach.

    Huw Morris

    Technical Director
    Saskatoon United Soccer Club

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