Canada Soccer Return To Soccer Guidelines

Saskatoon United Soccer Club Return to Play

Guided by leadership from Canada Soccer's Sports Medicine Committee and in consultation with federal, provincial, territorial and local public health authorities, Canada Soccer created the below Return to Soccer Guidelines to provide member organizations with a five-step process, including a checklist of weighted questions known as the Return to Soccer Assessment Tool, all for the purpose of determining preparedness to mitigate COVID-19 risks and implications upon the resumption of soccer and related activities.

From these guidelines, the Saskatchewan Soccer Association has created A Return to Play plan for the province, which includes guidelines, considerations, and recommendations for Member Organizations and clubs for when they design their subsequent return to play plans. With these taken into consideration Saskatoon United Soccer Club, has created this dynamic document to outline a return to play plan for the programs.

Social Distancing (Phase 1): Contact is considered anything less than the 2 metres between participants; no contact is allowed in this phase.

Technical Based Activity: Activities that do not require opposition within 2 metre proximity, therefore, allowing players and coaches to maintain social distancing. Examples could be individual ball mastery, passing and receiving on the ground between partners, relays and other competitions/challenges that maintain social distancing.

Small Group Activities: Include activities with opposition. Numbers for the activities should be between 1v1 to 3v3. Try to keep players in groups together so that they work with similar players rather than constantly mixing players together (can increase number of players interacting with an asymptomatic COVID-19 carrier)

Small Game Formats: Game formats of 1v1 to 7v7. Recommendation within RTSP Phase 3 would be to keep this in-house versus playing against different clubs. Recommendation against festival type formats where one team plays against many teams on a given day (reduce number of individuals that may encounter potentially an asymptomatic COVID-19 carrier).

All Game Formats: Introduction of all game formats.

The Saskatchewan Government is to provide guidelines around what will be acceptable for the resumption of sport regarding areas such as social distancing and max capacity for facilities. While there is a desire to return to normalcy during COVID-19, everyone must remain conscientious about the safety and welfare of all participants as the primary consideration. As such, there is an increased importance around the due diligence required to keep all participants safe and prevent community transmission by organizations that make the choice to deliver soccer programming.

Phase one Return to train considerations


  • Players must be registered for the camp (no drop ins)
  • Waivers must be signed at time of registration
  • All players must follow the signage and direction of the coaches and technical staff
  • Information about the stages of play is subject to change as the province changes there phases
  • Club will communicate with parents and guardians when the phases will change
  • Club will communicate with parents and the Saskatchewan Health Authority if a player or coach has come in contact or developed Covid-19 symptoms

Session Guidelines and Procedures

  • Sessions will be broken into groups of 8 to 10 players per coach
  • All sessions will be held at Newsham Field
  • The same group will stay together with the same coach for the duration of the camp
  • Participants will be required to wear a mask when entering and exiting the field
  • Players will be asked to arrive no earlier than 10 minutes before the sessions start ready to play with cleats and shin pads on and their own ball if they have
  • Hands will be sanitized as they enter the field and when they leave
  • Only parents or guardians allowed in for first 2 phases will be with the under 7’s
  • There will be separate gates for entering and exiting the fields and we ask that there be no gathering around these areas
  • Each group will have a designated area to put their water bottles (closed top with name clearly written) and Ziploc Bag please have name on bag (to have Kleenexes, band aids, disinfecting wipes ,clean second mask and hand sanitizer) and dark and light shirt, no backpacks at this time
  • Coaches and technical members will remind players of the social distancing rules and deter gatherings
  • Any injuries will be attended to by the coach wearing a mask and gloves
  • An area will be set up away from all the players in case someone becomes unwell and parents will be contacted
  • No handshakes, high fives at this time
  • Once sessions have finished coaches will lead players of one group at a time to exit
  • All equipment used for each session will be sanitized before and after
  • Water and hand sanitizing breaks will be given during the session
  • Coaches will have masks on during the session if 6 feet cannot be kept between the players and the coaches
  • Ball can only be played at the feet nothing above the waist

Coaches Responsibilities

  • Will not attend if they are not feeling well
  • All coaches must go through a pre-activity check list with their players
    • no spitting, garbage left on the field, keeping their distance and sanitizing after they are done Equipment used in a session must be sanitized before and after
  • Wearing a mask while at the field
  • Create and organize activities that promote social distancing (TD has binders for each coach with training sessions set up)
  • No heading or hand contact with the balls only feet
  • Provide Players with regular sanitation and water breaks
  • Guide and take players to exit after each session

Parents Responsibilities

  • Do not bring their child if they are ill
  • Review all the safety protocols with their child
  • Make sure they are ready to play when they arrive
  • Make sure their child has all required items (Water Bottle, Ziploc Bag and Soccer Ball)
  • Leave an emergency contact number if parent will be unreachable during session

Participants Responsibilities

  • Not to attend if they are not feeling well
  • Follow all directions of the coaching staff and technical staff
  • Come ready to play
  • Bring all items required for the sessions
  • Have fun

As we move ahead and start new phases we will be adding to the return to play.